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I create completely personalized wellness programs to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. We will begin by focusing on your main complaint and overall goals, and create a map of your therapeutic protocol from there. I will always present the protocol I feel is the best option, but if for some reason you don’t feel 100% comfortable, we can review and reorganize to establish a protocol that works for you. This is a huge reason I made a custom option.

Rather than focusing on one symptom or one area of the body, we will use a series of functional screens and lab tests to help us connect all areas of the body together. This allows us to uncover hidden stressors that you may not have known about, identify healing opportunities, and finally get you feeling your best.

You will see that there are program specific options below as well as a custom option that we will create together based on your goals and what works for you. Click on each to learn more.

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Your Non Toxic Life Programs

Hormone Balance–Body in Balance Program

This is a special program that I partner with my colleague, Kim Jordan, MA, NTP to bring you a unique learning experience. We’ve created a self-paced program that allows you to get your sex and stress hormones tested, get a customized protocol and ongoing support from us (takes most people about 5-6 months to complete), at a very affordable price. Our goal is to help as many women as possible learn how to get in tune with their bodies, support hormone balance, and feel their best without obsession. Click here to learn more about this program. 


Post Birth Control Detox Program

Whether you are wanting to transition off hormonal birth control without all of the annoying side effects or have been off for years and still don’t feel like yourself, this program can help you. Click here to learn more about this program!


Gut Healing Program

I offer a gut healing program where we where we test your gut (using a GI map) to uncover any hidden stressors such as a parasite (more common than you would think), harmful bacteria, imbalance in gut bacteria, viruses, and yeast. 

From there, we work together to create a protocol that is specifically created for you based on your personal and lifestyle needs as well as your GI map results. This includes nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to rebalance and heal your gut. Click here to learn more about this program. 


The Acne Challenge

Healing acne is so much more than just the products you are using (though these are helpful). You have to get to the root cause of your skin issues, cover your nutritional bases, and work on lifestyle habits that will support skin health (and in turn overall health. Learn about dietary changes, the 5 root causes of acne, and take action on clearing your skin. Click here to learn more about this program. 


Customized Wellness Program

Do you want to work 1:1 with me, but don’t feel like you quite fit into the gut healing or hormone balancing program? Maybe you want to do a bit of both? Schedule a free discovery call with me here and we can come up with an affordable, customized program to meet your specific needs!

Are you wondering if one of these programs is for you? Please click below to fill out a form and schedule your discovery call with me. During this call, we discuss your main complaints, health goals, and history to see how we can work together.

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