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I create completely personalized health re-building programs to meet your needs and help you achieve your health goals. We will begin by focusing on your main complaint and create a map of your therapeutic protocol from there. I will always present the protocol I feel is the best option, but if for some reason you don’t feel 100% comfortable, we can review and reorganize to establish a protocol that works for you.

Rather than focusing on one symptom or one area of the body, we will use a series of functional screens and lab tests to help us connect all areas of the body together. This allows us to uncover hidden stressors that you may not have known about, identify healing opportunities, and finally get you feeling your best.

You will see in the chart below that there are 3 options. The foundation program does not require functional lab work, but you can add it on a la carte. The intensive and the transformation programs both include functional lab work that you can do at home and are longer programs.

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Components Of Each Program

Below you will find the specific components of each program. 

Features Foundation Intensive Total Transformation
Hormone Panel (DUTCH test)
Metabolic Profile Test
Gut Health/Pathogen
Food Sensitivity Test
Screening Questionnaires & Personalized Health Analysis
1 45-minute Jump Start Session
1 90-minute Results & Recommendations Session
45-minute Follow Up Coaching Sessions 5 11 17
Mid Session Email Check-Ins
Complimentary Reassessment Session
First Round of Supplement for Relief, Repair, & Support
Optional/Additional a-la-carte Lab Tests
Complimentary 15-minute Post-Program

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