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I’m Amanda, an Integrative Dietitian and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner® and I help HEAL from hormonal birth control, balance their hormones, and BOOST their energy for life. 

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About Me

Hi! I’m Amanda, a dog Mom, military wife, and handstand queen.

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I love cooking up a good meal with my husband, being outside in the sun, and long walks with my dogs.

I look happy & healthy now, but 5 years ago I was transitioning off of hormonal birth control (HBC), exhausted, had really bad acne, and was so frustrated because I felt like I was doing everything right.

I was eating a strict Paleo diet, tracking my macros, doing CrossFit and working out really hard everyday (despite how tired I was), but still did not feel good, look good, and my periods were AWFUL. I knew deep down that something wasn’t right, I didn’t feel like myself, and things had to change.

I was a recent dietetics grad so I did what I knew how to do best–dove into the research and started experimenting. What I learned is that my body needed support when transitioning off HBC, all of the products I was using on my skin were super toxic, and my adrenals were not functioning optimally after too much stress for too long. All of these were making my hormones out of whack, my skin irritated, and my periods really painful & heavy.

Enter Functional Nutrition & Non Toxic Living

I became obsessed with integrative and functional nutrition and discovered functional lab testing. Being able to get lab work done like a comprehensive hormone panel and stool test, uncovered so many hidden issues I didn’t realize were contributing to how I felt. There was no more guessing on what supplements I should take, how I should shift my exercise, or if what I was doing was working or not. I had so much success with this I actually went back to school and got certified so I could help other women use these tools to stop guessing and finally start feeling better.

The other missing piece of the puzzle was my liver. I had spent years overloading my system with toxic food, chemicals, water, air, plastic, prescription medications and creams, etc. I had NO idea that these were such a burden on my liver and that a toxic liver was contributing to my hormone imbalances and digestive issues. WHO KNEW?!

I learned about the different ways we come into contact with toxins, how to support my liver on a daily basis, and how to minimize these in my everyday life without being obsessive. Obsessing was my tendency and it wasn’t serving me so I had to let that sh*t go!

These days?

I have a great relationship with food and exercise. I finally figured out how to have consistent energy and live in tune with my cycle. And have learned how to truly take care of myself inside and out.

This has allowed me to:

  • Be a better woman, wife, sister, daughter, and nutritionist
  • Have more balance in my life and less obsession
  • Be present in the moment rather than worrying about the future
  • Enjoy my periods and create a connection with my body
  • Appreciate my mind, body, and what I was put on this Earth to do


Now that I’ve achieved this level of health and freedom it’s my mission to help other frustrated women support their bodies after hormonal birth control use, actually enjoy getting a period, get in tune with what their bodies really need, and finally BOOST energy for life.


If you…

  • want to get off hormonal birth control or have recently gotten off and are dealing with acne, painful periods, or no period
  • hit snooze 5 times and finally peel yourself out of bed every morning
  • have zero motivation to workout but know you want to feel good
  • haven’t felt like yourself in a while
  • are tired of spending money on supplements that don’t work
  • are sick of restrictive diets and 30 day programs that get you no where
  • know that something isn’t right–despite what your doctor may say about your normal” lab tests
  • finally want to heal your acne, stop your hair from falling out, and lose weight in a healthy way

You’re in the right place!

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Registered & Licensed Dietitian
Certified Nutritionist
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner® (FDN-P)
Certificate of Training in Integrative and Functional Medicine

Certificate of Training in Advanced Stress Hormones
Certificate of Training in Advanced Sports Nutrition

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DITCH hormonal birth control, balance your hormones, and feel great again.


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