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How To Build A Complete Skincare Routine

I’ve dealt with my fair share of skin issues, especially after getting off of the pill, and I truly believe you need to get to the root. BUT I see a lot of women missing out on little ways to improve their skin or maintain skin health over time because of confusion around what your skin needs. All you need is a solid skincare routine.

Women are constantly having new products marketed to us to improve our appearance and to avoid aging (hard eye roll). I want to help you simplify and understand what is essential for your skin so you don’t have to worry about having a million skincare products. Although I’m going to be honest, I have A LOT of fun skincare products because I like to experiment and find what works best. There’s nothing like a good face oil or eye cream. 🤣

Complete Skincare Routine Essentials

So what does a complete skincare routine actually look like? I’m going to outline it in the next 5 steps, which may sound like a lot but this only takes about 5 minutes. And that is 5 minutes for YOU. I find it relaxing and try to make it enjoyable and luxurious because I deserve that (and so do you!).

Step 00: Take off your make up!

I do not recommend relying on your cleanser to remove your make up. Let’s be proactive so we can get the best cleanse possible and take it off first. I use one of the three options below depending on if I’m traveling and what I have available:

  1. Good old fashioned coconut oil. I love removing eye make up with this. It doesn’t bother your eyes and actually takes everything off. No raccoon eyes! I have a little glass jar with some in it in my bathroom. Do not use if you have eyelash extensions. Gently rub on eyes then spread to the rest fo your skin. This will come off when you cleanse.
  2. Liquid Eye Make Up Remover. This make up remover not only works really well (you don’t need a lot), but it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals!
  3. Make Up Remover Wipes. This is what I bring with me when I travel. I tare them in half and use half a wipe to remove eye make up and any foundation I’m wearing. There are 30 wipes in one so this will last you at least 2 months. Doesn’t irritate your eyes or skin either! If you like wipes and can’t find a good non toxic brand, try these.

Step 01: Cleanse or Double Cleanse

Now that your make up is off, you can do some deep cleansing. I use two types of cleansers:

  1. In the morning, I only use a charcoal bar. This gives your skin a great clean feeling and is my favorite after a good sweat session.
  2. At night, I like to double cleanse since my skin has either had make up on it, built up a little oil, been exposed to god knows what throughout the day (lots of dog licks), and is ready for deep cleansing before bed. I first remove my make up, then use my oil cleansing blend, and finish it off with my favoritecharcoal bar.

You might be scared to try oil cleansing if you haven’t done it before. Being someone with acne prone skin, I was terrified, but I did SO much research when I switched over to natural skincare and everyone said it worked wonders. I gave it a try and haven’t looked back since! Primally Pure makes my favorite oil cleansing blends. They have 3 different kinds. I use the one for normal skin, but they have a dry skin combination and oily skin combination. If you’re unsure, try the one for normal skin or fill out this form and I can help.

Step 02: Tone

This is a step I used to skip before learning about how to heal my skin naturally and what a proper skincare routine looked like. We all need a toner. Why? Because although cleansing your skin is important, it does strip your skin of important nutrients–even oil cleansing!

A toner helps reset the pH of your skin (you don’t want it to be too high or too low) and replenish nutrients. You can learn how you make your own here or try my absolutely favorite one here.

2-3 sprays either directly on your skin or on an organic cotton ball that you rub all over your face is all you need.

Step 03: Face Oil

The next step is to use 1-3 drops of your favorite face oil blend. First, let’s start off with defining what a face oil blend is. A face oil blend is a mix of essential oils and carrier oil(s) that are often specifically chosen based on skin type or issue.

Since face oils contain essential oils and carrier oils they can penetrate the layers of the skin, which is why they are so effective. You have to remember they ARE essential oils though so you don’t need a lot. They are extremely powerful and a little goes a long way. 1-3 drops and you’re good 👍🏼

This is very important. Do not skip over this. Your skin may feel moisturized after you put your face oil on, but it is not protected from this. You need a moisturizer to lock in a protective layer on your skin.

Face oils are small compounds and moisturizers are made up of larger compounds. Small compounds penetrate the skin and help deeper issues and large molecules help to lock in moisture and protect skin from bacteria & toxins.

Need help picking out a face oil? Fill out this form and I’ll help!

Step 04: Moisturize

Now that your skin has been cleansed, replenished, and nourished with a face oil, it’s time to seal it off and protect it with a moisturizer. I have two favorite moisturizers.

  1. Blue Tansy Beauty Cream. Made with grass fed beef tallow, blue tansy essential oil, and other simple but nourishing ingredients, you will never go back after you try this. You only need a small amount so it lasts forever and it contains vitamins and minerals that help nourish your skin.
  2. Adaptive Moisture Lotion. This lotion works just like it sounds–it adapts to YOUR skin. If you have dry skin it will pull in more moisture and if you have oily skin it won’t. I love this and so do my clients.

Even if you have oily skin, you still need a good moisturizer. When our skin gets dry it ages quicker, is more prone to acne, and exposed to more chemicals and toxins.

Step 05: Eye Cream

This final step may sound like a luxury, however, much like a face oil, an eye cream helps you target specific areas and take your skincare to the next level.

Eye creams are important for a few reasons:

  • The skin around your eyes is fragile (much more thin).
  • This area is the first to show signs of aging.
  • It gets a lot less sebum, which is the natural oil in your skin, and even though you may not love it–it keeps our skin looking young.

You want powerful antioxidants and nourishing ingredients in your eye cream, but you also want caffeine. Why? Because caffeine helps with dark circles and is anti-aging. This is my favorite eye cream.

Eye creams will be an investment (most quality skincare products are), but you only use a very small amount so they last forever!


Q: What do you do if you wash your face in the morning then shower mid day? Do you do the full routine 3 times?

A: Great question! I definitely would NOT recommend doing your routine 3 times, especially if you have acne. That will likely make you break out more. It’s just a lot of stripping away at your skin.

So here’s what you do:

Since you did your skincare routine at night, the next morning you don’t really need to deeply cleanse your skin right away. You can gently rinse with some warm water, dry then do a couple sprays of your favorite toner, and a thin layer of moisturizer. Then do your complete routine when you shower in the afternoon.

Q: Do you need an eye cream? Who should use one?


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But seriously, I wish I had starting using a lot of the products I use now at a much younger age. Face oil, eye cream, and an Overnight Resurfacing Peel would have done wonders to prevent a lot of damage my skin. You’re never too young for an eye cream!

Q: How do I know which products are best for my skin?

A: You want to choose based on your skin type and goals. I have a skincare consult form you can fill out here and then I email you recommendations.

Q: Why do I need to avoid certain products?

A: I’m picky when it comes to my beauty products because not all companies are created equal. I prioritize purchasing from companies that:

  • are run by women and employ women
  • test their products—all products not just batch testing
  • don’t use harmful ingredients or toxic chemicals in their products

Toxins found in conventional beauty products called Xenoestrogens can lead to toxic built up, fertility issues, and hormonal imbalances.

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