DIY Crystal Essential Oil Roller Bottles

The most versatile tools you can have around for non toxic living are essential oils. I use them everyday in many forms–aromatherapy to create a positive environment, skincare products, cleaning products, laundry, there are just so many uses. And in this post I’m teaching you how you can either make your own roller bottle blends or share them with a loved one.

I made these particular blends using rollers made out of crystals to make them more intentional and unique.


Making Oil Blends

Oil blends are great for maximizing your essential oils. Putting them in a roller bottle gives you a convenient and accessible way to carry them with you, keep them in your desk drawer, or in your bathroom cabinet ready for you to use.

Oil blends are also an extremely safe way to use essential oils. In order to avoid any adverse reactions most oils are supposed to be mixed with a carrier oil. This carrier oil is what you blend the essential oil with to protect the skin.

Some examples of carrier oils are fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, rosehip oil. If you want to choose an oil based on your skin type I outline the best oils for your skin in this guide. 

To make an oil blend all you need is a dark glass bottle, carrier oil, and your favorite essential oils.


Choosing Your Essential Oils

There are so many essential oils to choose from. Different essential oils are beneficial for different things. You can start by choosing an oil that is going to support a specific ailment or goal that you have. Here’s a great place to learn more about this. 

I also think it’s important to choose oils that you enjoy the smell of–we are doing this for aromatherapy after all.

One thing to keep in mind is that it can get expensive making your own blends if you are purchasing a number of different essential oils. What I like to do is purchase pre made blends that are not diluted yet (or not diluted too much) and mix them with a carrier oil. I think this is the most cost effective and efficient way to make your own blends.

Blends I Love:

  • Immune Strength: Great to use year round but especially in the winter months. Love having this one on hand for travel as well!
  • Balance: I love using this throughout the day and in the mornings to ground myself.
  • Calming: I like to keep this on hand for when I feel overwhelmed, anxious, etc.
  • Energize: This is a fun mix of lime and clove bud that is a great oil to roll on your wrists and behind your ears to boost your energy.
  • Majestic Breeze: This has some of my favorite oils and is my go to meditation oil to rub on my temples, wrists, and back of my neck. Feels like you’re in a forest!
  • Clary Sage: This is a single oil but I love having this blended with a carrier oil and on hand in a roller bottle so that I can roll on wrists and bottoms of feet during the second half of my cycle to support hormone balance and mood.


Energy Healing Benefits of Crystals

Crystals have been part of the Earth since the beginning of time. I personally think this is why I feel so connected to them. Knowing that they have been around forever and carry different energies is powerful. They can be a great reminder to slow down, appreciate your life and this Earth and it’s natural beauty.

Almost every ancient civilization since the beginning of time has used crystals in some capacity whether it be to heal or offer protection. They were used as make up and also embedded into armor to provide protection during battles.

Crystals are as powerful as you make them. They have crystal lattice, which is an orderly structure which means the energy they emit remains at a constant frequency. This is why when a crystal is placed near a body that is emitting a lower frequency they can help raise it.

I’m actually having a crystal expert in my Your Non Toxic Life Support Community in November so make sure you join if you want to learn all about crystals.

By using crystal rollers in the essential oil blends it adds more intention and can help raise your frequency. Plus they are beautiful and make me happy.

Learn More About Crystals

The company Energy Muse has a ton of free resources on their website. This is a great place to start learning more as well. They also have a book called Crystal Muse that I use to help work crystals into my routines and habits.

How To Make Your Own

What You Need:

Setting An Intention:

I recommend setting an intention for what you want to use each essential oil blend for, the time of day, etc. This will make it easier for you to implement and be able to see the benefits.

Check out the video below to learn how to make your own!



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