How To Make Perfect Hardboiled Eggs

A key part of my food prep each week usually includes making hard-boiled eggs. Not only are they the perfect protein (we absorb 100% of the protein from eggs, which is 10-20% higher than all other protein sources), but they also contain healthy fat and phytonutrients. The best part about hard-boiled eggs is that they can be used in a variety of ways so you’re not just eating healthy, but you are also making delicious snacks and meals that you enjoy.


My favorite ways to use hard-boiled eggs:

• Plain just as they are paired with fruit or veggies

• Chopped up and mixed with spicy avocado oil mayo and chopped veggies to make egg salad

• Sliced up on top of a salad

• Deviled eggs with avocado oil mayo, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and sea salt

• Chopped up and mixed with avocado with cilantro and a drizzle of lime

• Plain with chopped olives and artichokes

Here’s what I think are the 3 key components to making a good hard boiled egg that doesn’t take 10 years to peel and is cooked just right:

1. Baking Soda: I have noticed that adding baking soda is the key to producing easy to peel eggs.

2. Start with boiling water. Many recipes have you add the eggs then start the timer once the water is boiling. Start with boiling water so that you don’t have to cook them as long and can create a more consistent hard boiled egg.

3. Letting the eggs sit covered to finish cooking. This kind of goes with #2. If you don’t boil them as long and let them finish cooking to the side, covered then you get a much more consistent, delicious egg. Boiling them for so long often leaves you with a dry hard boiled egg.. it’s like eating sand. No one wants that.

Okay let’s make some eggs! Here’s what you need:

A pot, however many eggs you want to boil, baking soda, and ice.

First, let’s start by adding your baking soda!



Now bring your water to a roaring/rumbling (which one is it.. I’m not sure) boil like this:


Now you can add your eggs and set a timer for 2 minutes.


Once the 2 minutes are up, move your eggs off the hot burner and cover. Let sit for 12-14 minutes.


Once the timer goes off, drain the hot water and add cold water and ice. Let sit for 5-10 minutes then you are ready to peel! This whole process, but I think especially the baking soda, allows the egg membrane to not stick to the shell so they are easier to peel.


I hope these instructions help you create the perfect hard boiled egg and some great additions to meals/snacks!

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