How To Grow Your Own Broccoli Sprouts

I had previously written a blog post about why you should be eating your cruciferous vegetables. Mostly because of a special phytonutrient, sulforaphane, that has anti-cancer properties and the ability to tap into a very important genetic pathway in the body.

Broccoli sprouts in particular contain the highest amount of sulforaphane of any vegetable. And you can even grow them easily at home. All you need is  jar (with a sprouting lid), some organic broccoli sprout seeds, and water.

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You might be thinking, this is going to be too difficult and time consuming, there’s no way I’m doing this. That’s where you’re wrong. I have a video AND step by step instructions on how to grow your own broccoli sprouts HERE. When you sign up to receive the instructions, I include emails with tips on growing your sprouts and some FAQ.

HINT: It only takes about 4-6 days to grow your sprouts, and all you have to do is rinse them twice a day. It’s easy, rewarding, and providing a lot of nutrition for your body.

For resources on where to get the materials to grow your sprouts click HERE.

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